ASIA-BASED urban and infrastructure consultancy group Surbana Jurong has been appointed master planner for the development of a digital economy hub in Nongsa, Indonesia.

The project was awarded by joint-venture (JV) parties Sinar Mas Land and Citramas Group. Surbana Jurong will be responsible for the development of a concept masterplan of the hub which covers a total area of 62 hectares, and this includes the Eco Digital Project, the Nuvasa Bay Town Center, and the Nongsa Digital Park. It will also be taking charge of the urban design and architectural conceptualisation of the hub.

Located just 30 minutes from Singapore by ferry and 15 minutes from the Hang Nadim international airport in Batam, Nongsa is geographically ideal for the development of the hub, said the JV company in a statement.

With the technology and creative industries as key drivers of Indonesia’s economy, the JV company also said that the digital economy hub “will contribute directly to strengthening Indonesia’s tech and innovation talent pool.

Singapore will also stand to benefit with more opportunities for local companies to work with Indonesian businesses.

Having developed masterplans for projects in over 30 countries, the appointment of Surbana Jurong is a strategic one, said president director of the JV company, Mike Wiluan. “With this appointment, we are able to eloquently materialise our long-term vision to turn Nongsa into a next-generation destination, in tune with the region’s emerging prowess in digital commerce, creativity and connectivity,” he said.

Source: BusinessTimes